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Coming Up at the Studio For Movement

Thank you
After almost 6 years of moving and dancing in the community, the Studio For Movement at Bathurst and St. Clair will be closing at the end of May, 2015. Thank you to all of the fantastic students and teachers who have spent time in our studio! For private lesson information please contact us at […]

Creating Space to Connect Mind & Body...


Empowering, elegant and uniquely feminine. Develop greater body awareness, strength, grace and poise as you learn one of the world's oldest dances.


Increase your mobility and move ease as you create balance in your body through exercises that are supported by the breath, awareness and attention.


Cultivates a sense of well being by developing your ability to live in the present. Deepen your connection with your breath, calm your mind and enliven your body.

Alexander Technique

Learn to release excess tension and create new habits that will improve your posture and get you moving with more ease and confidence.
Denise is pure joy. Knowledgeable and so experienced, her attentive approach keeps you coming back for more, while you get in better shape and remedy what ails you. Done with gyms,I can't imagine life without belly dance and pilates at her lively studio. Thanks so much. --Vicky

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